Conducting Head-baton – your expertise needed! :)


Head PointerI have a project to help me continue my journey to becoming a music conductor. Due to my Cerebral Palsy (limited fine-motor control) I cannot use my hands as easily as my head to move around.

Therefore I have a specialised piece of equipment known as a head-pointer, which I use with my touch screen phone and computers.

In the past I had an adapted head-pointer with a conducting baton inserted, which I have used to conduct a choir, string quartet and orchestra. Please see


Unfortunately this adapted head-pointer was very heavy (due to metal in the construction), covered my mouth and was too loose on my head.

So I am looking to create a new head-baton.

Head Baton 1The idea is based on my normal head-pointer but with a 60mm extension to the vertical part of the arms. Please see the photos. As you can see, I know what the gal is, but I just need some technical guidance on making the thing! I think this might need the use of a laser cutter which I’ve never used before.

If you are interested in helping please get in touch and ask any questions which might help you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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