Give or Take

I feel a deep sense of elation as I sit here typing this blog-type article.  Today was the day when I had the pleasure of handing a cheque over to Canine Partners for £2,641.41 – half of the amount raised by my skydive campaign this July.  This was all done on camera of course!

The car journey down to Canine Partners beforehand was made relevant by the topic of deep conversation about how capitalist our society is getting.  The conversation was born out of sitting in a car for an hour with my cameraman sitting next to me and my assistant in the front driving the car.  It is always quite nice putting the world to rights in this type of situation!

Anyway, one of the guys said something that has stuck with me – they said that we need opportunities to give as we’re happier giving rather than taking.  It took some time for me to get my head around that, but it suddenly clicked after I had finished handing over my cheque to Canine Partners.

If you think about it, when you take, you may feel guilty, jealous, and/ or become a narrow thinker.  This might lead to causing offence to others, being isolated through becoming unpopular and you may also be restricted in having as many experiences as you would have otherwise.

On the other hand, if you always gave, you would be popular which may lead on to you being invited to different places and gaining different experiences.  It may also lead to self-fulfilment and feeling that you have made other people happy.  Yes, you could say it’s still a capitalist type outcome in that you’re still ultimately giving to make yourself feel happy – somewhat a paradox!

However, the second approach may result in encouraging a community culture instead of a culture of greed, fear, and deceit!

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