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Hi peeps, many apologies for the massive delay in getting this post up!  Thank you very much Bob for contacting me about the lateness of the post – your interest is very much appreciated.  I will have to plan the next post better to ensure that it’s uploaded sooner.

This video is a collection of interviews of people who attended the royal wedding street party, and who kindly gave their opinions on why they were at the celebration.  Interestingly, most answers related to the attraction of being part of a community event, rather than having an interest in, or loyalty to, the royal family.  Initially, the opinions on that day made me ask myself whether a royal family is needed at all, but then I realised that it’s vicariously due to them that everyone was celebrating together anyway.  However, this lead me to asking why we human beings need a reason to come together as a happy community – not just on a societal level, but on an individual level.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  How do you feel about the state of our society?  Are you fulfilled as an individual?

Personally, on a societal level (or macro-level!), I feel that there is a lot of anger and limitation injected into our communities by pessimistic journalism and a narrow-minded education system which encourages conformation limiting creativity and individual growth.  On the other hand, there is great potential within our society and culture for creativity and significant growth.  Creativity and individual thinking is key to improving our society further and encouraging people to achieve their dreams; bypassing ideological barriers and limitations which we ourselves manufacture.  Yes, this is a challenge, but it is an exciting one!

I am constantly challenging myself which does often uncover realisations about my life which I need to improve.  For example, on Wednesday (4th May 2011),  after meeting Simon Phillips (transformational change expert) and discussing his fantastic new self-development system ‘Join The Greats’ (for which I’m helping to make some films), I have now taken a massive step in something in my life which will enable to live better.  I realised that the only thing which has been holding me back from being happy is fear which I’m now determined to overcome.

So, from the royal wedding to personal development in fewer than 500 words!  But, please let me know your thoughts on any of the issues raised in this post, and I’ll try to incorporate them in future video logs/ posts.  Also, feel free to check out Simon’s new book ‘Mastering Time 24/7’ which is a fantastic course which will help you to improve your life by managing your time more effectively.   I’m reading it at the moment and its fab as it encourages you to take responsibility rather than giving you a ‘one fits all’ series of steps.

Until next time, have fun!

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