The Royal Wedding – video will be up by Tuesday at the latest

Friday was a fab day and it was very interesting finding out the reasons why people were there celebrating. I also met some weird characters, one of which asked me whether I’d made any new friends that day. I was going to try and explain to
him that there were over 1,000 peeps there so it would have been challenging to form any meaningful relationships! However, he was more interested at selling his memorabilia to the small crowd behind me and he was not that interested in speaking to me anyway…poor lad…he was easily distracted, you see!

On the other hand, I also met some very interesting peeps who talked to me more intelligently!  I met a lady who is currently pioneering a series of free festivals for Southampton in the summer, promoting recycling and community spirit. It’s being organised through the Transition Southampton website which I recommend you to visit.

Anyway, I’m going to finish this post before I give too much away about the video blog…see you again next Tuesday (3rd May 2011)!

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